integrative database of expression dynamics of proteins in response to Hypoxia

Welcome to iHypoxia

Oxygen is vital to life on earth. Hypoxia is a condition or state in which insufficient levels of oxygen are supplied to cells or tissues, while it is associated with a wide range of conditions in human health and diseases such as cancers, cardiovascular diseases and anemia, among others. The recent development of high-throughput sequencing based omics technologies greatly advanced the large-scale identification of hypoxia-regulated proteins and the detection of candidate reference markers for diseases diagnosis and therapy. Here, we provide a database of iHypoxia (integrative database of expression dynamics of proteins in response to hypoxia), which host the results of hypoxia regulatory proteins based on low-throughput and high-throughput identification.

In total, 458,481 quantification events on 39,685 hypoxia-regulated proteins for 5 mammals under approximately 390 conditions were collected and integrated in the database, while the details about the samples, hypoxia experiments were also manually curated. Furthermore, ~10,000 candidate genes were also integrated from diverse species inhabiting low oxygen environment. We further expanded our data to 432,298 proteins in 48 animals by orthologous search. The iHypoxia database provides simple and user-friendly interface to browse and search data, and the detailed information is organized and visualized for queries.

#1. Ensembl ID : ENSG00000100644, #2. UniProt ID : Q16665, #3. Gene name : HIF1A, #4. Protein name : Hypoxia-inducible factor 1-alpha